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'The Flight Attendant' Finale - Ending Explained & Season 2 Details Revealed!

'The Flight Attendant' Finale - Ending Explained & Season 2 Details Revealed!

The season one finale of Kaley Cuoco‘s thrilling new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant is now streaming and we’ve gotta talk about that ending!

The eight-episode show, which was originally intended to be a limited series, tells a story of how an entire life can change in one night. A flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man – and no idea what happened.

Throughout the season, Kaley‘s flight attendant character Cassie has been a person of interest for the FBI in the murder of Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), a passenger in her flight’s first class, and she also has been trying to solve the murder on her own. At the same time, Cassie has been having visions of Alex, who helps her piece everything together from the night of his murder.

In the finale, we finally found out who actually killed Alex and there was a moment in the last few seconds that was a perfect way to kick off a second season. While season two is not yet confirmed, we think it will likely happen thanks to the success of the show.

So, what happened in the season one finale and what can you expect in the future?

Click inside for all of the spoilers…


We learned that Buckley, the guy who Cassie has been dating after meeting in a bar following the Bangkok trip, is really named Felix and is an assassin working for the crime boss Victor.

Buckley killed Alex in the hotel room in Bangkok while looking for the coordinates to his bank account, which were written in a book. Cassie took the book without even knowing what was written inside, so Buckley had been tracking her down in hopes of getting it back this whole time.

Alex’s former associate Miranda has been working with Cassie and they came up with a plan to take down Felix while in Rome. Before heading to Rome, Miranda killed her boss Victor, but she ends up missing the flight and she travels there separately from Cassie.

While in Rome, Felix finds Miranda and they square off in the hotel elevator. We later see her in the bathtub of Cassie’s hotel room and she appears to be dead (but keep reading!!!).

When Cassie arrives back to her hotel room with her Italian boyfriend Enrico, Felix is already in there and he shoots Enrico. Cassie’s fellow flight attendant Shane shows up with a gun and shoots Felix. We then learn that Shane is an undercover CIA agent who has been working undercover as a flight attendant. Keep reading to find out how that connects to another storyline and how this will lead to season two!


Another storyline this season involved Cassie’s friend and fellow flight attendant Megan, played by the fabulous Rosie Perez. She has been secretly providing intel from her husband’s computer to the North Korean government and after her husband ends up in trouble at work, she decides to flee in Rome.

When Shane admits to Cassie that he is an undercover CIA agent, he tells her that he’s been tracking Megan because of her dealings with the North Korean agents.

In the final moments of the season, Shane tells Cassie that the CIA is interested in her working for them as a human asset.

But… what happened to Miranda?!


When Cassie tries to inquire about Miranda’s well-being after the hotel room incident with Felix, Shane says that there was no one else in the room. So, was Cassie imagining her being there? Or did Miranda escape?

Here’s what series creator Brian Yockey told Deadline: “It’s the kind of trick of that ambulance scene at the end of, almost at the end of episode eight when Shane says there was no one else in the room. You’re thinking ‘Oh my God, was Miranda made up?’ Or you’re thinking ‘Of course Miranda got away! Because that’s what Miranda does!’ And then we’ve got the great payoff with the book in the diner scene, which I think very clearly confirms that Miranda is still out there. [In regards to the bath tub scene] I think Miranda was playing possum. I’m sure Michelle Gomez probably has a different answer for you.”

Keep reading to find out what the show’s creator said about season two plans!


So, what will happen in a second season?

“I’ve had some internal conversations with some of the producers and Kaley, and you know, that small group at this point about like how much fun that would be and where we think we could go with the show,” series creator Brian Yockey told Deadline about a possible season two.

“But our sort of initial priority was we want to do this limited series that’s eight episodes of television that really feels like it has a beginning, middle, and an end, and is dramatically satisfying,” he added. “Like, Cassie goes on this journey. She learns something powerful about herself, and she helps solve a mystery, and at the end of this finale we want people to feel like ‘I went on this journey and I’m happy,’ and so if they get to have more of it, it’ll be an exciting thing rather than well, they better answer these cliffhangers.”

Brian continued, “Our goal always was to write basically a Hitchcock character that would normally be played by a man and just throw a woman into it and see what happened. We ended up with a lot of strong female characters at the center of the show, but no. I mean, it’s a little cart before the horse honestly. We haven’t dug into what a season 2 could be in earnest, but we certainly have ideas.”

Will Michiel return as Alex Sokolov in the possible second season?

Brian told Deadline, “I feel like the journey that she goes on through these eight episodes is one where she comes to understand that she was getting to know who Alex was, but the person that she was falling in love with wasn’t Alex. It was herself. So, when she walks through the hotel suite in the final moments of the show and it’s kind of shutting down and disappearing behind her as she passes into each new room, I think that’s her bringing an end to the Alex Sokolov chapter of her life.”

For more from the interview, visit Deadline now!

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